About Red Falcon

$RFN is the people's token, and is highly deflationary and the overall benefits are huge. Our investors get rewarded daily with a 6% share of all fees from each transaction.

$RFN's initial supply of 100 billion tokens will be burned down from the first day after launch in a massive way. Tokens are burned automatically with a 2% share of all transactions sent to a dead wallet. In subsequent years burns will go on.

We donate 1% of every transaction to NGOs with a focus on children and women in need.

Automated bot trading is not tolerated by us and we react to it with blacklisting. By listing our $RFN token on ChangeNow.io. It is possible for our investors to make payments worldwide with our token.

It is more important than ever to offer maximum added value for investors and to stand out from the gray crowd. $RFN token investors are holding a jewel that is increasing in value every day.

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In each $RFN trade the transaction is taxed at 12% fee

6% To Token Holders

6% of the transaction fee is redistributed to all existing holders of $RFN token, rewards are paid out in $USDT. That means you are rewarded just by holding $RFN tokens in your wallet.

2% To Public Liquidity Pool

2% of the transaction fees are added to the public liquidity pool on PancakeSwap to improve price stability.

2% Automatic Burn

2% of the transaction fees are automatically burned and sent to a dead wallet to decrease the total supply and increase $RFN value.

1% To Token Governance

1% of the fees are used for treasury. The treasury will also be used to fund new Red Falcon products, services and projects that will expand and provide more value to the $RFN community.

1% To charity

1% of the fees will be donated to charities and NGOs.

100000000000 $RFN
Total Supply
Pre-Sale $RFN Starting Price
15 Billion
Pre-Sale Token Allocation
Total Pre-Sale Token



- Private Sale

- Website launch

- Enabling Card, Crypto & PayPal payments

- Social media launch

- RFN Airdrop campaign phase-1

- RFN official listing announcements by CEXs

- Smart contract internal audit by BitMart Exchange

- P2E Game logic planning

- Pre-Sale final phase (8 weeks)

- Pre-Sale with Pinksale

- RFN tokens distribution to holder's wallets

- Release of RFN smart contract


- Listing: Coingecko & Coinmarketcap

- Listing on major CEXs

- Whitepaper update

- Listing on Changenow.io

- RFN token is worldwide accepted for payments

- RFN Airdrop campaign phase-2

- Multichain Integration

- RFN deployment on Ethereum, Solana, Polygon & Tron chains

- RFN cross-chain token bridging

- RFN website UI/UX rewamp

- Release of RFN NFT collection

- NFT airdrop to RFN holders

- P2E Gameplay details release


- Listing on all major Exchanges worldwide

- Release of P2E Game demo

- Release of RFN NFT collection Nr.2

- NFT airdrop to RFN holders

- P2P Marketplace

- RFN Airdrop campaign phase-3

- RFN Merch Launch

- P2E Game release

- Team Expansion


  • Token Name:Red Falcon         
  • Token Symbol:$RFN              
  • Total Supply:100 Billion Tokens  
  • 1st Chain:BSC (BEP20)
  • 2nd Chain:Ethereum (ERC20)
  • Tax:12% tax on each transaction
  • More chains incoming


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